Welcome to the home of the Real Birth Company Limited

The Real Birth Company Limited has been born from the idea that every woman should be able to access positive, affordable, evidence-based information. We believe totally that informative antenatal education is a vital part of pregnancy, the Real Birth Programme has been developed to look at birth with a modern approach. We use the latest up to date evidence based information and is being constantly developed to move with the ever-changing maternity services.

Our Mission Statements

To impart knowledge with confidence to empower women and their birth partners at this very special time.

To provide relevant, up to date evidence based antenatal information that is imparted with a positive attitude to birth.


The Real Birth Company is all about helping women achieve a positive pregnancy and birth experience. Our positive approach to birth is deeply embedded in our ethos and values.

With this training programme, you will learn to facilitate face to face, 1-day antenatal workshops, impart these sessions in a positive manner and help support women regardless of their birthing choices.

You will gain a certificate as a Registered Real Birth Teacher and have access to our supportive Hub, that is full of resources and information for your sessions along with support from your Peers.

Your training will allow you to set up and deliver your own antenatal sessions or 1-2-1 classes, either within a private framework or if you work in the NHS it will enhance your skills at giving antenatal education classes.

The course is structured over three days, with the third day being your assessment day. Here you will be assessed on presenting the programme to your peers.


We are as committed to providing high quality antenatal care as we are providing high quality teachers. You will already be from a skilled and professional background, you may be a midwife, doula, hypnobirthing teacher or doctor. This course will build on the knowledge that you already possess and help you develop skills to impart that information in a way that women and their birth partners will understand and remember. We will be with you all the way, ready to help and offer advice where we can.


As a Real Birth Teacher you will be expected to source your own venue that its suitable for your clients, if you live in an area where there is a Real Birth Studio, you can negotiate the use of this building for your sessions. The Real Birth Studios are a franchise model of specifically sourced venues, purposely designed to support antenatal education and support. If this is something that interested you please contact us separately.

Our class sizes are not large and we would suggest sizes of between 8-12 women plus their birth partners if they choose to bring one. The cost per woman is between £100 to £140 for a day workshop and between £20 to £30 a birth partner.

There is not a limit to the number of workshops that you decide to hold over the year.


The programme that you will work through has been written in a format that has been researched and thought to enhance the learning process. This syllabus is written in the same structure and will take the same form as your classes. We will look at the attitudes to labour and birth which play an integral part to way the course is delivered.

The Real Birth Company has a real community feel and approach, it is an all inclusive company with its Teachers at the heart of that community.

You will find that you are well supported by your classes and there will always be help on hand within the Hub for any questions or advice that you may need, including how to advertise your classes. We have regular national advertising campaigns that will help direct people to your sessions.

Each year you will be invited to an update day where you can reconnect with your peers and discuss any challenges you may have experienced. This day will help maintain your registration that is payable yearly to continue to be a registered teacher. The yearly registration is £70 per year.


The three-day course is £550.00 Deposits of £100.00 taken to secure your place. The course runs several times a year so pre-booking is essential. Please call for details on paying deposits and course fees. The fee includes all your materials for the course, refreshments and lunch.

If you are a NHS Trust or group of more than 5 people and wish to organise local training, please contact us for further details.

If you are a NHS Trust or group of more than 4 people and wish to organise local training, please contact me for details.



You can train at our Real Birth Studio in Hereford, there are plenty of reasonably priced B&B’s and hotels in the area or or at several other venues across the UK and in Ireland.

If you come to us you’ll see the Studio in action and how its designed to enhance antenatal education. For privately arranged courses, please contact us separately.

See calendar for dates.